Iona Dreaming: The Healing Power of Place Reviews

A journey of healing takes Clare Cooper Marcus on a 6-month long solitary retreat to the remote Scottish Island of Iona. Here she experiences a mirroring of her soul and reflects and reviews the life that brought her here to this magical place. Her compelling memoir Iona Dreaming is an inspirational account of personal survival and hope in which Clare shares her recovery from a life-threatening illness, which deepens into a contemplation of the events in her life and her physical, emotional and

Orkneyinga Saga: The History of the Earls of Orkney (Penguin Classics)

Orkneyinga Saga: The History of the Earls of Orkney (Penguin Classics)

Orkneyinga Saga: The History of the Earls of Orkney (Penguin Classics)

Written around AD 1200 by an unnamed Icelandic author, the Orkneyinga Saga is an intriguing fusion of myth, legend and history. The only medieval chronicle to have Orkney as the central place of action, it tells of an era when the islands were still part of the Viking world, beginning with their conquest by the kings of Norway in the ninth century. The saga describes the subsequent history of the Earldom of Orkney and the adventures of great Norsemen such as Sigurd the Powerful, St Magnus the Ma

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Visit Glasgow

Visit Glasgow
Below we have outlined some suggestions for things to do on your short break in the city of Glasgow.

The City Of Glasgow
Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and indeed one of the largest in the UK, a simply fantastic place to visit for any tourist, local or international. Many people right here in Scotland enjoy a short break in Glasgow and take the time to visit some of Glasgow’s many attractions.

The city itself is well-known for its friendly people and tourists enjoy wandering around George Square in the city centre and walking through the wide streets. These streets contain some of the best shopping in the UK and can be quite busy with savvy shoppers seeking out that designer bargain or special something. Our selection of Glasgow hotels includes many hotels in Glasgow city centre with great access to all these facilities.

The Botanic Gardens
Visit the Botanic Gardens when on your short break in Glasgow. The Botanic gardens contain many amazing species and also offer a quieter get-away from the hustle and bustle of Glasgow’s busy city centre. Located at the west end of Great Western Road and by the River Kelvin the Botanic gardens will both fascinate and relax you at the same time.

Glasgow Science Centre
Glasgow Science Centre is a state of the art facility that you simply must see on any short break in Glasgow. It is a museum, an observatory, a planetarium an IMAX cinema and much more. Glasgow Science Centre is fantastic if you have kids or if you are a big kid yourself, but its not designed just for kids, it is for the whole family.

Gallery of Modern Art
Glasgow is well-known for its amazing art galleries and the Gallery of Modern Art in the city centre is one of the finest in the world. It is a beautiful building in its own right and has been cleverly used to display some of the most popular modern art exhibitions. Located at the Royal Exchange Square right in the heart of Glasgow the Gallery of Modern Art is easy to reach and a great way to fill a couple of hours.

There are many art galleries in the city of Glasgow, so on your short break take the time to visit the different types and tastes of art available to view.

Museums In Glasgow
Glasgow is packed with museums of all kinds and the city has a world-wide reputation for quality and innovative museums. There are so many that your whole short break in Glasgow could be taken up with museums. Too many to list, some of the better known museums include The People’s palace, The Museum of Transport, The Lighthouse, The School Museum, Tall Ship Museum, the Scottish Football Museum and many, many more.

If you are planning a trip to this area you would be well advised to visit the hotels in Scotland website to check accommodation options. The site has a selection of hotels in Glasgow to suit all tastes and budgets.

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Collins Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia

Collins Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia

Collins Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia

This reference work on the clans of Scotland is produced with the co-operation of the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs and features a history of the clan system, the law of the clan, a history of tartan and Highland dress and a history of clan heraldry. It gives detailed listings of the crests, mottoes, tartans, clan seats, chiefs, septs and histories of over 350 clans. The appendices include Scottish genealogy, tartan collections, and important clan organizations in Scotland and abroad.

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Clans of Scotland (Three-Disc Widescreen Edition)

Clans of Scotland (Three-Disc Widescreen Edition)

Clans of Scotland takes a journey beyond the myths and the tartan to uncover some truly gripping stories.
Presenter Paul Murton uses historical and modern-day locations, the stunning drama of Scotland’s scenery and the testimony of contemporary accounts and present-day descendants to explore defining moments in the fierce and bloody history of Scotland’s Clans. Focusing on major characters and events, each episode throws light on one of Scotland’s most famous Clans: their origins, myths and t

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Enjoy Edinburgh

Enjoy Edinburgh


Edinburgh can be visited any time of the year to see its beauty and historical culture. However, there are some specific seasons which are considered to be the best time to visit Edinburgh. Generally, the best time to visit a place depends on the weather of that place. In Edinburgh it is the summer season. In summers, in Edinburgh, there are long hours of sunlight, providing more time to visit all the interesting places. In August the place is packed with visitors due to a number of festivals which are organized in this month. During this season, the visitors get to know of the historical reasons behind these festivals and at the same time go through unlimited entertainment.

Moreover people who want to live away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd, spring and autumn season is ideal time for them. Visiting Edinburgh during New Year is also a good time. Many functions are arranged on this occasion which are the centre of attraction for many people.


Edinburgh has moderate temperatures in its lowland parts. In spring average temperation is 12o C which rises to 18oC in summers. In autumn the temperature gets down to the spring level. In winters, average temperature in around 6oC. It is not recommended to visit Edinburgh during this season as the rainfall is very heavy. September is considered to be the hottest month in Edinburgh. In spring the city is full of greenery while in the season of summers the festival doubles the joy.


In off season, i.e., in November many benefits can be availed by visiting to Edinburgh.

Firstly many airlines cut off their fares and the weekday flights will be even cheaper. Moreover all the major attractions are open throughout the year and can be visited any time of the year. The accommodation at this time of the year is relatively cheaper. There are many Flats and houses available for rent through-out the year in Edinburgh. Short-term flats renting, Long-term flats to rent in Edinburgh, rooms to rent, serviced accommodation, there is a large choice for visitors.


Some of the well known foods items in Edinburgh include scotch pies. Interestingly they are made without a pie tin and have the feeling of minced meat. Wallace’s pie shop is famous for scotch pies. Scottish beef-Aberdeen is also well known. This is famous for its rich and tasty meat. Hutch Patch is another famous dish which is made by boiling mutton, chicken or beef. Moreover Bannocks is a famous biscuit made with barley and oat flour. This is baked over the griddle.Famous drinks of Edinburgh comprise of Scottish whiskey, malt whiskey and blended whiskey.

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Scottish Clan and Family Names: Their Arms, Origins and Tartans

Scottish Clan and Family Names: Their Arms, Origins and Tartans

Scottish Clan and Family Names: Their Arms, Origins and Tartans

Providing an invaluable guide to the surnames of Scotland, each entry in this book covers the history, areas of family lands, castles, and tartans (ancient and modern) associated with the powerful clans of the Highlands, and the great families of the Lowlands.

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Lonely Planet Edinburgh Encounter Reviews

Lonely Planet Edinburgh Encounter

Lonely Planet Edinburgh Encounter


…a drink or two in the atmospheric Café Royal Circle Bar
…catching your breath while admiring the views from Arthur’s Seat
…ghost-hunting in Edinburgh’s eerie underworld
…being king or queen for the day on the Royal Yacht Britannia
…some of the best vegetarian cuisine in the country at David Bann
…chuckling at your favourite new comedian at the Edinburgh Festival


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More Edinburgh Products

Travel edinburgh

Travel edinburgh

For people who have a taste of architecture and art together with interest in history and rich culture then Edinburgh is the ultimate destination for them. The place has medieval grandeurs that coexist with the modern day elements. The place is famous all over the world for its unique blend of ancient and the modern. It is a picturesque city which will never let a person down. Edinburgh is Scotland’s royal capital ever since the year 1437.


Edinburgh is most hospitable in terms if climatic conditions from the months of May to September. Most of the activities in this city take place in this time of the year. At the same time there are also many indoor activites which take place during the cold winters which simple makes the time fly. Edinbugh has so many things to see and to participate in. Just the sight of royal palaces is an experience of a lifetime. Moreover, there are also a wide range of galleries and museums which are filled with amazing works of art and at the same time of great historic value.


All those who visit Edinburgh can take advantage of the quality airways, road ways, rail ways and even the fast and effective water ways. Edinburgh is one of the main transport hub’s in East central Scotland. In short, the place is well connected to near and far off places.


The place is almost flooded with hotels, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and bars. The Rose Street and the areas sorrounding it like, Grassmaret, Lothian Road, Bridges of Edinburgh are some of the most happening traditional places.

George Street is also gaining popularity because of the opening of numerous pubs, bars, restaurants there. Visitors have a range of choice in terms of accomodation. Ranging from hotels, B&B, serviced accommodation, short-term flats to rent, luxury apartments for rent, long-term flats for rent. Rental flats are available through-out the year, from 1 bedroom to 5 bedroom and plus. Rent flats in Edinburgh from days to weeks to months, depending on your needs.


The city is also famous for its literature and philosophy. Some of its famous writers and philosophers are, Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Arthur Canon Doyle, James Boswell, J.K Rowling, Sir Walter Scott and Ian Ranking. These all have lived and worked in Edinburgh.


The summer festivals in Edinburgh are loaded with celebrations. Around two million tickets are sold which are for more than thirty thousand shows. This is considered to be the largest art festival around the world.


Edinburgh is famously considered to be the home of museums. It has plenty of historical museums and public liberaries. The Museum of Scotland, Royal Museum, Museum of Childhood, National War Museum, National Liberary of Scotland and the Royal Society of Edinburgh are amongst the most sought after destinations in Edinburgh.

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